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Designer: House of Kiran

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These versatile one size, unisex, silk-blend Harlem pants are ideal for yoga, the gym, festivals, going out, basically for any use your heart desires! Fitted between the hips and waist, they flare out and fit again at the ankles. The elastic waist ensures a comfortable and secure fit. Natural and cool breathable fabric. The smooth fabric provides sufficient natural stretch for comfort in your poses. 

Multi-line patterns (swirl, straight diagonal, wavy) large flowers dispersed and a thin overlaying calico pattern with 1" striped trim on elastic hem and top of pockets, 7" x 5 1/2" patch pocket.

Lilac, helio purple, purple, mauve, Carolina blue and white



Waist (L x W): 10" x 5 1/2

Length (Waist to hem): 40"

Length (Waist to crotch): 14"


100% Silk | Made In India



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