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Get the right fit by measuring yourself and following our detailed clothing size charts! You can be sure your favourite clothes will fit magnificently.

Measuring yourself is easy, and will save you the hassle of exchanging a wrong fitting item. This page is your guide to using all the tools we have available to help you select the best size.

At HOK, generally, our clothing is a “one size fits all.” 



OS stands for One size. 

The OS sizing convention is used for our roomier, more relaxed fitting garments that are the most flexible in size and can be worn in various ways. Our OS garments also have the most variation in fit across bodies - they fit a bit differently on everybody, and we love that!

People come in so many beautiful shapes and sizes. For a point of reference, the HOK pants & romper stretch up to 16 inches wide. The rest of the dimensions are provided in each product description.

Most “one size fits all” items are designed to as “one size fits most.”



  • When measuring, be flexible with the tape and not tight
  • No measuring tape? Use a piece of string and use a ruler to measure it.
  • Ask a friend to help you take measurements or head to a tailor.
  • Use your exact measurements when selecting your size.



Measuring yourself will give you a more accurate idea of your size. Once you have determined your body measurement, it’s a good idea to consider your body shape and the styles and cuts to suit both your body measurements and shape. 

women's size diagram

We offer slight variations in length options on all bottoms and jumpsuits. These measurements in product descriptions vary based on style; check the product page to confirm. We recommend choosing the length option based on your height and body type - some taller folks but have longer torsos and shorter legs and vice versa. All bodies are different!

Also, for jumpsuits, your torso length is the most important factor. Keep your preferences in mind, and remember that fine-tuning final length is an easy and quick adjustment by a tailor.

WAIST: Measure around the natural waistline – the narrowest part of your waist – keeping the tape comfortably loose. The size of your waist, hips and bust may give you an idea of your body shape. An Hourglass body shape for instance, will have a small waist and bigger bust and hips.

HIPS: Measure around the fullest part of the hips. This is different for everyone; if you are unsure, take several measurements in this region and use the biggest measurement.

INSIDE LEG: Run the tape measure from the top of the inside leg down to the ankle bone to determine your legs’ length.



We are here for you! Just shoot us an email with any questions you have about sizing and fit. For the quickest reply, feel free to go ahead and include your body measurements in the email (for bonus points, add a photo!), so we can give you the most accurate advice!



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