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At the age of three, Krystal began studying the dance arts in her hometown dance studio. Growing up with a stutter in her speech, dance became a form of expression for Krystal when words through speech were not an easily accessible form of expression. As a result, dance, movement and song became her way of expressing herself. At the age of fifteen, Krystal began teaching dance in the same studio she grew up dancing in. Thus began her teaching career which would later evolve in several other teaching modalities and practices. 

A registered yoga therapist, meditation, dance and movement teacher, Krystal's teaching and choreography experience spans many different spaces and projects ranging from dance studios, to public schools, to senior's homes, to Hollywood sets and dance/theatre companies. The commonality in working in all of these spaces has time and again proven that movement and music is empowering and healing regardless of the age, cultural or social background of the student. It is a mandate of our classes to make classes accessible to all abilities.

Following up to the retail launch of HoK in 2020, 2021 will see the launch of our YouTube channel where we will be providing videos offering instruction and interaction with a variety of healing and wellness practices that you can engage with in the comfort of your own home.

From yoga and meditation, to dance and music therapy, to spirituality and wellness tips, we have you covered. 

Connect with your spirit. Feel good in your skin. Cultivate your optimism.

embrace your darkness | shine your light






Not only is Krystal one of the world’s most sought after performers, but she’s also a wellness practitioner who’s helped me stay committed to my spiritual growth. She puts good energy into whatever she is doing or making and I love using many of her magical products.

- Lisa Berry


Actor and Life Coach



"Krystal has been in two of my Broadway shows; 'Bombay Dreams' and 'Lord of the Rings'. She is now on the tour. I really wanted her on the tour. She adds a very special element. She’s got a beautiful voice. I think it’s just scratching the surface. She’s going to go much farther. She’s a choreographer, she’s a hard worker. I wish her good luck."

- AR Rahman

Oscar and Grammy Award Winning Composer

Krystal Kiran with A.R. Rahman


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