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Krystal Kiran pictured in a HoK Goddess dress in Goa.

Krystal Kiran, the founder and CEO of House of Kiran, is a multi-disciplinary performing artist who has graced stages from Broadway to internationally as an actor, singer, dancer, choreographer, arts educator and creative director. As a first-generation Indo-Canadian womxn, Krystal has built a body of artistic work and teaching practices that explore her cultural intersectionality as a South Asian-Punjabi-Canadian womxn, which further channels itself into the healing practices she creates.

As one of the first South Asians to perform on Broadway, Krystal made her debut at the age of 19 in the history-making first-ever South Asian musical on Broadway, Bombay Dreams. She was also the first South Asian-North American artist to tour the world with Oscar & Grammy-winning composer AR Rahman. Krystal’s body of work on and off stage/screen aims to bridge the gap between Indian and Western culture as a performing artist, creator and arts educator. Now, the House of Kiran clothing and lifestyle brand is another manifestation of this artistic exploration through sustainable fashion, textiles, wellness products and healing practices such as yoga, meditation, reiki, holistic dance/music therapy.

Krystal pictured at her booth at the Metaphysical Show of Toronto in 2018.

With a passion for Indian wellness practices and products, the HOK clothing line’s understanding of design and fabrics was cultivated since early childhood during yearly family visits to India (pictured below is Krystal's paternal grandfather, Mehar Singh Garib.) The first true iteration of these practices and designs came to fruition when Krystal spent six months in India studying various healing modalities, including completing her yoga and meditation teacher training, reiki practitioner certification and other modes of self-healing. Along with the healing practices passed down by her ancestors, the training has provided a body of knowledge and understanding of what is required to provide a safe environment for participants to practice within - particularly when facilitating a room and holding space for participants from a Western Hemisphere. The prior coupled with Krystal’s art education background as a dance teacher, choreographer, and multi-lingual singer (with a penchant teaching authentic pronunciations and tonal qualities for Sanskrit, Hindu and Sikh mantras), positions House of Kiran as a unique lifestyle and wellness brand bringing the East’s beauty to the West vice versa.

Krystal's paternal grandfather, the late Mehar Singh Garib of Kolkata.

Ever-evolving, the House of Kiran brand’s intention is to facilitate healing, be empowering and provide lifting of vibrations for people of all backgrounds and ages. To achieve all this through movement, song, dance, breath work, chanting, meditation, music, and sustainable fashion, all while paying homage and harnessing the sanctity of Krystal’s ancestral Indian origins.

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