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Here are some ways you can contribute towards this cause:

1. Donate to SFU

2. Become an ongoing donor

3. This CEO Launched a Beauty Brand from a Homeless more

4. Proceeds from the sale of this lip gloss goes to the Canadian Women’s Foundation (CWF).

5. All proceeds from this lip gloss are donated to the Maple Batalia Scholarship at Emily Carr.



In 2014, House of Kiran established the 'Maple Batalia Memorial Scholarship for the Arts' at partnership with Emily Carr University of Art + Design in memory of slain SFU student Maple Batalia. Maple was an aspiring actress, model and avid painter. This annual $1000 scholarship is awarded to a student of South Asian heritage studying the visual/fine arts at Emily Carr University. To learn more, please visit or donate here (specify "Maple Batalia Memorial Scholarship for the Arts). Thank you to all of our donors. Listed below are scholarship recipients. Congratulations!



Since 2006House of Kiran Founder & Creative Director (& former 'Miss Penticton 2001-2002), Krystal Kiran, has sponsored the 'Miss Penticton Talent Award'. This annual $250 bursary is awarded each year to a candidate in the Miss Penticton Program (a Grade 11/12 self-development/ambassador program in Krystal's hometown of Penticton, BC) who demonstrates outstanding dedication, skill and passion to their chosen craft or talent. Congratulations to all program candidates and award recipients! 

  • Shauna Morrow (2014)             
  • Grayce Overhill (2013)             
  • Shayla Ritchie (2012)               
  • Nikita Afonso (2011)    
  • Asha Dionne (2010)
  • Bryanna Phillips (2009)
  • Melissa Commandeur (2008)
  • Emily Luddington (2007)
  • Kristina Selvig (2006)



  • iCan Performing Arts Initiative, Toronto (more)


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