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Client Testimonials

See what customers have to say about HoK products! As a commitment to the practice of vulnerability, we post raw reviews to encourage authenticity among our team and customers.


I love my clothes from House of Kiran. Comfortable to wear, a nice variety of subtle colors and bold patterns. I've worn some pieces as loungewear and some pieces to Opening Night parties! And I am always met with warm and kind service!

- Cameron Grant


“I have received a huge amount of compliments wearing my HoK shawl all over the world. Krystal provides a wealth of knowledge of the authenticity of her products, and will sell you only the best. Highly recommend working with Krystal to find your dream pieces.”

- Jessica Vandenberg

Actor and Owner of Beyond Believing Princess Parties

"I’m so grateful for Krystal and the incredible energy and drive she brings to her work, both as a performer and as a woman of business. The clothing she has shared with me, and so many of my colleagues, is full of the spirit and imagination that she brings to everything she does. She is an inspiration, and it is inspiring to wear her beautiful garments.”-

Kate Hennig

Playwright, Actor and Director of Artist Development at Shaw Festival 

Love this romper! Feels great against my skin and love that I can dress it up and dress it down with a simple change in footwear and accessories. The outfit received many compliments while I was on my trip to Faro, Portugal!

Thank you again :)

- Kaye Peñaflor

Owner of Kaye Yoga

"I have several pieces from House of Kiran and I cherish them because they allow me to celebrate who I am at work, socially, or elsewhere with ease and confidence.”

- Kimberley Rampersad

Director, Performer and Associate Artistic Director at the Shaw festival


“House of Kiran’s products are gorgeous! The shawls lend a sense of class to every outfit and the jumpers look stylish while being so comfortable that you’ll feel like you’re wearing loungewear.”

- Laura Hughes

Senior Manager of Communications at the Shaw Festival


Not only is Krystal one of the world’s most sought after performers, but she’s also a wellness practitioner who’s helped me stay committed to my spiritual growth. She puts good energy into whatever she is doing or making and I love using many of her magical products.

- Lisa Berry

Actor and Life Coach

I travelled to Spain in my HOK romper. It was incredibly comfy to travel in! There’s so much space in the romper so it’s light and airy, while also having a secure sleeveless top that supports everything so there’s no need to keep pulling it back up!

- Madelyn Kriese


The harem pants/romper are the most relaxed fit.
I have two pairs, one in cotton and one in silk. The material is so soft. I’ve had mine for 5 years now and they are still as good as new! Colours of the fabric have stayed vibrant too!
They can be dressed for day or night wear. I look forward to purchasing myself some more!

- Nishu Hans 

Nurse and Fitness Competitor

The pants provide the comfort of the old world but with the fashionable sensibilities of our time. The modern cut shawl drapes my shoulders like silks on a prince. I, a common man, now know that I don't need a magic genie lamp to rescue my princess from the rings of treachery. I am prepared for any adventure as long as I'm wearing... House of Kiran

- Shawn Ahmed

Actor & Writer

“The softness and fibres of this shawl are velvety and provide a layer of warmth on a slightly cool autumn day. I love that I can layer it over my coats, wear it with jeans or a dressy trouser, belt it, or wear it poolside over my bathing suit. Its function(s) and versatility make it the perfect travel companion. I can even use it as a wrap on the plane. Looking forward to the days where we can travel again!"

- Sheri Momen



“Comfortable, yet classy. I can dress them up with jewelry and heels, or keep it casual. Pull them all the way up into a signature onesie or have them as a statement pant. There’s never a wrong occasion to wear my House of Kiran design.”

- Mz Starr Domingue

Co Founder of 6Love Apparel, Creator and Host of The Blacktor’s Studio, Actor and entertainer

“There’s a reason why I’ve purchased almost a dozen House of Kiran items. They have brought much comfort, relaxation, colour and beauty into my life and those around me. The pants for myself and children, and the Goddess dress, romper, and shawl for my partner (which she looks absolutely gorgeous in!) I look forward to seeing this collection evolve.”

- Tim Carrol

Artistic Director at the Shaw Festival

I love my shirt from House of Kiran! It makes me feel like a butterfly to be honest.  It's very comfortable and very light.  I was worried it wouldn't fit because I'm on the chubby side but the string allows for a variety of sizes!  It's great with a pair of leggings.  I'm a happy customer.

- Tina Schmidt


I purchased a fine wool shawl several years ago, and wore it several times every week since. It still looks new. The workmanship is great. The dies used to create the bold colours never wore or transferred to other clothes. I get compliments every time I wear it, and I enthusiastically recommend Krystal’s line of clothing.

- Wendy Smith

Resident of Niagara-on-the-Lake

“I have the beautiful shawl from HoK. It really is so gorgeous, and I can wear it all year long. The colours are deep and rich... it can be used as a wrap or it can be belted for more of a fitted look. I get complemented every single time I wear it. It’s such an original look, so well-crafted.

I also have two rompers, and I basically wear them all summer long. My pink silk romper is easy to dress up and it couldn’t be more comfortable or flattering. Krystal is a dynamic force, both as a person and an artist and she has done a remarkable job of curating all of the lovely items that she has to offer. I can’t wait to see what else she has in store for me!”

- Fiona Byrne


We absolutely love our HOK threads and own several different pieces. Eric particularly loves the white kurta which he layers up with a vest and it looks so slick. He wears his cotton harem pants all the time, even when we go camping!
I have so many different pieces including a few of the rompers/MediYog onesies, shawls, and harem sweats, but my favourite is the Goddess dress. I feel like an actual Goddess when I’m wearing it and have accessorized it in so many different ways that it feels like a new outfit every time I wear it. I get so many compliments on it too. I’m excited to update my collection with new pieces!

- Megan & Eric 




I am obsessed with my HoK purchases. The silk material is so soft and flows, it allows my skin to breathe, and is a nice break from the tight yoga pants I always wore.

As they are a natural fibre, I wear them to meditate, and also during the day as they are so beautiful and a breath of fresh air from the greys and blacks of my usual pants.

They are so comfortable that I don’t need rush upstairs at the end of the day to put my pyjamas on. These pants are the best investment, and I can’t wait to order more; especially the Goddess dresses.

- Parvinder Grewal

Licensed Holistic Health Practitioner at 3Realms Wellness




When I want to put on something that looks elegant and classy, and most of all is comfortable and easy to move in, I always reach from Krystal Kiran’s. If someone asks where I got my outfit (either the super comfy onesie or the flowing skirt) I say “This is my Krystal Kiran.” Even my kids will say “Oh, you are wearing your Krystal Kiran’s!” And I very proudly say yes.

- Alexis Milligan

Movement Director



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