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“House of Kiran” (pronounced as KEY-RaeN): means a ray of light and is derived from the element ‘kirana’ meaning thread, dust. 

I’ve aimed to create an online community of empowerment and self-love, where we can embrace our darkness and allow our light to shine.


As we weather the current COVID-19 pandemic and face our third week of social distancing and, for me, self-isolation, I realize that launching a business this year may be a challenge. My ventures as an actor, teacher, choreographer, etc. from which I made a living from are currently not feasible options with current lockdown protocols. While this isn’t ideal, I also see this as a great opportunity to build and bring together a community that I can share messages of positivity, love and peace. Though I’m being forced to think more creatively, I have been experiencing a lot of fear, anxiety and blockages. This is my darkness.

As the old phrase states we should look for “the light at the end of the tunnel,” it refers to the end of a difficult or unpleasant situation that one is currently facing. I have a vision of how I want to bring light and passion for elevating our collective consciousness. While we can can’t control our circumstances, all we can do is gage our emotions and control how we will react. This is not to say that we won’t struggle or make mistakes along the way, but that’s precisely the point of embracing your darkness so that you can see the light. Transform your darkness into your light simply because light cannot exist without darkness like Yin and Yang.

As a ‘lightworker’, I embrace my darkness, look at it, honour it, and commit to transforming it into something that can be a positive contribution to the world. I invite you to join me on this journey.

As a socially conscious ‘for profit’ company, the services and products we offer at House of Kiran are rooted in the idea of seva, meaning an ‘act of service’ observed in Sikh tradition. Our 1:1 model means that for every item of clothing sold, we will donate a pair of House of Kiran pyjamas to a local women’s shelter. I have also committed to teaching free yoga classes for these shelters. 

How can you support House of Kiran?

All online classes are free. You may upgrade to the monthly membership, where in addition to all of the free content, you will have access to the online community. As a limited time offer, you will receive an online coaching session with Krystal for new members. For a list of organizations House of Kiran has donated services and products to, click here(INSERT LINK).

Committed to giving back to the local community, predominantly within the South Asian community and arts, a portion of all proceeds from sales of ‘HOK’ garments and products is being donated to the Maple Batalia Memorial Scholarship for the Arts at Emily Carr University, which recently became an endowed self-sustaining fund. The fund is designed to support South Asian female art students. The designer of the new HOK logo is the first Maple Batalia scholarship recipient, Tisha Deb Pillai.

These offerings are designed to help you to feel the most relaxed, motivated and compassionate version of yourself for yourself and others using dance, yoga, meditation, chanting, instruments, prayer and thought work. The garments and products we offer are curated to provide a sense of healing, empowerment and sensuality, peace and comfort.

My intention behind creating this company was to grow as a profitable business while empowering through the arts and investing in our as well. By investing in women through education and opportunities, we are investing in our future. 

 If you to ask me the legacy and impact I want to leave:

I hope to help you find self-love, strength, courage and empowerment to live your best life. That you learn to believe in yourself and to manifest your visions and dreams, despite where you come from and the fears you have of the future. If we can get present to the moment, we work in collaboration with “nowness” to create our future. And how fortunate that when we become clear, our manifestations can be almost instant. 



mehar singh
Kolkata, Calcutta, or the 'City of Joy', is a second home to me. Not only does my father and much of my family live there, I also attended school there once upon a time. Needless to say, Kolkata holds a special place in my heart and whenever I go to visit, it's as though I am stepping into a parallel universe. My connection to Kolkata is much of the reason my clothing line has come to be.

The photos you see here are from one particular trip in 2009 when I spent time volunteering at Mother Teresa's Missionaries of Charity with my friend Romina. My Bapuji (grandfather), Mehar Singh Garib (pictured here along with my grandmother, who have both since passed), worked tirelessly building social services in Kolkata such as Gurdwara Sant Kutiya,  Khalsa High School, and Tegh Bahadur Nursing Home & Medical Research Center. In addition to his many responsibilities, Bapuji



Big love to the incredible women pictured here who work in the uniform shop at Khalsa High School and helped stitch these beauties. I also have much gratitude for my aunt (on the far right) who helps ensure all pieces are signed, sealed and delivered to me in Toronto, and then to you ♡



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